Drake for Promo Mag by Nicole Moreland

Photographer Chris Millsap and I are very much inspired by menswear fashion. As for me androgynous menswear especially. When browsing the Salt Models male board it was clear Drake Denham would help me achieve this. Our shoot “Drake’s Couture” was featured in Promo Magazine. 

New Representation by Nicole Moreland

Nicole Moreland-Omuteku is now a represented stylist by Salt Model! 

To view the full portfolio and booking visit: 


Model: Avery | Styling: Nicole Moreland-Omuteku | Photography: Nancy Gabriela 

Jewelry: Quarry Clothing: Objects without Meaning

Stylist does New SunTrust Atlanta Braves Stadium by Nicole Moreland

It was my birthday weekend this past weekend and my brother bought the family tickets to the Braves game! I was quite excited to go to the new stadium with the whole family.  I was working a shoot that morning from 7:30am-11:30am and with the game starting at 1pm I naturally picked out an outfit the night before. As some of you known this only works out a good 40% of the time. I often change at least twice before finding something that just feels right for the day. Ok- so weather, check. Clear from rain and sunny skies. So I thought, LET'S GET FESTIVE! Mind you I'm not a sports fan but I knew for sure the Atlanta Braves were red and white! I'm thinking,  "I'm sure people will be wearing a variation of reds. It doesnt have to be spot on". So I'm in my closet thinking I'd do this slip dress for color. Then got to thinking I'd add a white tee underneath with my white slippers for a casual "I'm off to a ball game" feel. We're in the back of the Lyft and I'm adding my finishing touch of tinted balm. We get to walking up and I'm seeing lots of jersey and Braves tee's. I stick out like a sore thumb, haha. No other dresses in sight, (or silk for that matter) no other materials but cotton or jersey polyester blends. Not only did I miss the short or jeans memo but no variations or reds at all. Crimson. red. everywhere!


Yup, that was my first SunTrust stadium experience and I wouldn't change a thing :) 

Dress: Rachel Roy | Tee: Han Kjobenhaven | Slippers: ASOS | Sunnies: stolen from fiancé | Bracelet: Los Labos @ Coco + Mischa in Decatur  

Dress: Rachel Roy | Tee: Han Kjobenhaven | Slippers: ASOS | Sunnies: stolen from fiancé | Bracelet: Los Labos @ Coco + Mischa in Decatur  

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We're Engaged! by Nicole Moreland

By we I mean my fiancé and I! Stylist meets dress designer meets wedding planner. From designing my own wedding dress to choosing between satin or silk napkins, my perfect Garden Party Wedding is coming together! Hang tight for all the greenery and blush two piece bridal design you can lay your eyes on. Back on my hiatus until the big day 32 days and counting!



Pro Tips: Nicole Moreland by Nicole Moreland

Hey guys,

Wanted to share with you my latest interview with the girls of Our Fine Soul. They are a lady blogger duo based in Atlanta. We met for dinner earlier this month where we found that we had all been crushing on each others work for a while now. We all started with waters very conservatively then got the real drinks going and the rest was history. Check out this snippet from the interview: 

This week I am very excited to introduce our friend, Nicole. She is a wardrobe stylist in Atlanta and you can check out some of her incredible work here. Nicole was one of those insta-friends/girlcrushes for quite a while and I was absolutely delighted when we finally got to meet! Naturally she was even sweeter, cooler, and wonderful in person and I felt like I could have sat there and talked about fashion, supporting our creative community, and her upcoming wedding all night.

Making a career as a freelance stylist is something that has always seemed so exciting and interesting to me but at the same time, kind of a mystery. How do you find work? How did you get started? Tell me more?! Nicole so kindly was willing to bear with me and answer all my burning questions. Keep reading to hear more about her career, self-starting, slow fashion, and how she gets that gorgeous, glowy skin:


What is your “can’t live without” beauty product? My moisturizer for sure! I love Sephora’s Glam Glow moisturizer it leaves me glowing in the morning on my no makeup days or before bed as a mask, so good.

What’s in your Netflix queue right now? I’m completely hooked on Cable Girls. Taking place in Madrid a gang of feminist get jobs at the first telephone company in Spain. A total romantic drama and I mean drama! Oh, and prepare to fall back in love with 1920’s low hemline fashions!"


Well don't stop now! Read the full interview here where I spill my beauty reg tips and my journey to becoming a stylist. http://www.onefinesoul.com/2017/05/18/pro-tips-nicole-moreland-wardrobe-stylist/

MM LaFleur Pop Up by Nicole Moreland

From New York to Atlanta, MM LaFleur! I've partnered with the brand and will be giving style advice at the Georgian Terrace. Using pieces from their latest collection I'll be putting together easy business to going out looks to complement your existing wardrobe. 

MM LaFleur is a womanswear brand focused on making Monday's easy again. Contemporary pieces made of comfortable materials for woman that have #BetterThingsToDo. The pop up is  through Sunday, March 19th and it's not to late to schedule an appointment to play dress up with me as your consultant <3

Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with this brand. You won't regret it! (I may or may not have picked up the Greenpoint skirt that just launched and Rowling top for myself, oops) MMLafleur.com 


I hope to see you there.




An Open Letter to My Girls by Nicole Moreland

Hey Lady,

I hope you are well. I hope you see all the potential you carry. You're smart and you mean so much. You don't have this life thing down pat but trust me they don't either.  So do me a favor and love yourself. Love yourself to the point to where when they break you, you build yourself back up. 

Let you be whole. Redirect your focus on things that make you happy. Be a friend. Create and pour your heart into something. Work hard and market the shit out of it. Then let that thing work for you. Because YOU'VE GOT THIS!

Lookbook for JUNE | A clothing gallery by Nicole Moreland

Thanksgiving came and went leaving me like one of those spinning cartoons as I'm trying to take it all in. Right before the holiday I directed and styled a late F/W look book for the former henry & june now JUNE | A Clothing Gallery. I put together a story of 6 fall looks, scouted location, and recruted my bad ass girl boss team to get the job done! Check out this snippet. Full story available soon @ juneatlanta.com 


Creative Director: Nicole Moreland / Photographer: Nancy Gabriela / Model: Marissa of Ludlow Scout / Hair + Makeup: Margaret Snider/ Stylist: Nicole Moreland / Assistant Stylist: Carol Jensky

Son of A Gun Magazine | Dreamy Editorial by Nicole Moreland

Early October photographer Jang Choe contacted me about styling a dreamy whimsical editorial with model Kaylee Killion. When I got word I was all about it! Kaylee and I have worked together several times and she's a frickin' dream behind camera as well as Jang being a frequent client. He sent me the look book with inspo from the Kate Moss X Love Magazine '14 collection. It was sexy yet tasteful in every way. The backlit lighting was also exciting to play with. I joked that it made me feel like we were in a sexy heaven. 

For wardrobe I wanted a good mix of lace, to translate sexy, and structure. I pulled several pieces from BCBG at Macy's and others were a mix of more structured pieces I had in my style studio. A lot of publications require 8-10 looks just to be submitted. So I put together a story of about 11 looks just for variety (it's also not uncommon for me to provide looks that can be worn in more than one way). 

About a week after shooting we were informed the story had been picked up by Australian Magazine, Son of a Gun as their first story from Atlanta talent to be published! I can't wait to share it with you all. Full story at https://sonofagun.tv.


Photographer: Jang Choe @jwctp

Model: Kaylee Killion @kaylee_killi0n

Wardrobe: Nicole Moreland @AriorZoe

HMUA: Jessica Craig @jessicacraigmakeup

ATL to Nashville by Nicole Moreland

From the city to the city // Photographer Ginny Webb X AriorZoe take Nashville

As some of you may know I'm a super planner by nature down to the lunch break.

I'm excited for you guys to virtually travel with me. Here we go, y'all:


Saturday 9.17

Leave Atl by 6:00 am

Meet w Ginny @ Parlor Coffee - East Nashville 9:00 am

Meeting w Tribe Model Management 10:00 am

Model Arrives btw 10:15am - 10:30am

Test shoot w Tribe model @ Tribe Studios until 12:30pm 

Lunch/Break 1pm-3pm (Stop by Local Honey, of course :))

Meet on location- Three Brother Coffee @4:30am

Test shoot w AMAX model Sydney 5:30pm-7:15ish (sunset)

Dinner / Sleep /Party jk


Sunday 9.18

Test Props 8:30am

Breakfast @ Parlor Bagel 10:00 am

Meet on location - Wilder in Germantown @ noon

Shoot w AMAX model Gracie! 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Head back to Atlanta by 5 pm 

Pull swimwear for test w Ana of Factor Chosen




One Another by Nicole Moreland

A year in the works, The Lucky Penny's Blake Beckham presents One Another. 

About a month prior to opening night I was hired to costume 5 dancers for a beautiful contemporary art piece. And boy, this put me to the test. Just a quick briefing as a stylist if a top has too boxy of a waist, you pin it at the back. If a model hasn't updated size 0 on her comp card, she squeezes into the 00. Dance is a new world in the way that a psychologist is not a psychiatrist but often work together.

The dancers had to be able to move without skin being exposed and when they stood the piece needed to fall back into place. Button ups needed to be hemmed and without a collar and looks that required Spanx (which they did) needed to be sewn inside the pants. Oh, I forgot to mention once seeing the set design I decided on a soft grey and salmon color pallet, no problem. NEW WORLD. Luckily, alterations are something I'm all too familiar with. But shopping for days for hours on end was a new experience for me. I discovered the meaning of #hangry and for the first time in my life had to choose comfort vs. conveniently cute. 

Then there was opening night and after seeing the show for the second time I found myself in a state of not knowing how to feel. There were 4 shows, on night 2 I received a text about a small whole in one of the garments and brought in my machine less than an hour before the show. Relieved may be the word I'm looking for. It was an honor working with so many people involved working just as hard as I was. Sunday night was bittersweet. 

You are all invited to experience this beautiful work of art under my new video tab!



Dancers: Anna Bracewell Crowder, Sarah Freeman, Emily Hammond, Claire Molla and Mellisa Word | Set Design: Malina Rodriguez, Jane Foley, and Dana Haugaard | Lighting: Dylan Phillips | Costuming: Nicole Moreland